Amur Gas Processing Plant-railway connection

The construction of a 12-kilometre branch from the Trans-Baikal Railway to the site of the plant was completed in the crayfish of the Amur Gas Processing Plant.  The new railway track is intended for the delivery of goods and equipment from Zavodskaya-2 station (adjacent to the Ust-Pera station) to Zavodskaya station (the construction site of the Amur GPP). The length of the railway distance between the stations is 12 kilometres.  The operation of the railway will be carried out both during the construction of the plant and its subsequent operation.

For the communication between the GPP site and the general network of railways, about 22 kilometres of non-public railway tracks were laid.  In addition, an overpass was built across the regional highway and a railway bridge across the Bolshaya Pera.

The first stage of the plant (two production lines) will be commissioned in April 2021, and Gazprom has set 1 January 2025 as the date for full capacity utilisation at the gas processing plant.  The launch of the enterprise will allow to produce up to 2.6 million tpa of ethane and 1.6 million tpa of liquefied petroleum gases.  It will also produce up to 60 million cubic metres of helium per annum and up to 38 billion cubic metres of commercial gas.

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