CIREC Monthly News May 2017
Central European refining & petrochemical margins
Unipetrol-Neste Jacobs
Slovnaft maintenance investment April-June 2017
PDH Poland contractors and share issue
PKN Orlen-propylene supply to Basell Orlen Polyolefins
Rompetrol Rafinare-petrochemical investment
HIP Petrohemija-privatisation
Oltchim sale delayed to June to allow  due-diligence
Spolana seeking extension on mercury plant
Central European tyre market
Grupa Azoty-coal energy projects
Russian chemical trade and production 2017
Russian gov’t waives VAT on equipment imports
VNHK Project-Main Objectives
Siberia & Russian Far East
VNHK road access & marine terminal
TOR Petrochemical-VNHK
VNHK-raw materials
Petrochina-Power of Siberia
Gazprom selects Chinese company for Amur Gas Processing Plant
River terminal-Amur Gas Processing Plant
ZapSibNeftekhim project update
Russian feedstocks & petrochemicals
Russian propylene sales, Jan-Mar 2017
Bulk Polymers
Russian polyethylene imports, Jan-Mar 2017
Russian polyethylene production, Jan-Mar 2017
Astrakhan polyethylene project, construction start Q4 2017
Russian polypropylene, Jan-Mar 2017
Russian PVC market, Jan-2017
Russian polycarbonate Jan-2017
Etana PET project
Ivanovo polyester
Russian MEG market, Jan-2017
Russian benzene production, Jan-Feb 2017
Altai-Koks, Q1 2017 & 2016
Nizhnekamskneftekhim-benzene expansion
Kuibyshevazot-cyclohexanone restart
Shchekinoazot caprolactam modernisation
Russian orthoxylene, Jan-Mar 2017
Russian toluene sales, Jan-Mar 2017
Synthetic Rubber
Russian C4 sales, Jan-Mar 2017
Russian rubber prices Q1 2017
Krasnoyarsk Synthetic Rubber Plant 2016
Efremov Synthetic Rubber Plant 2016
Omsk Kaucuk-latex production
Kurskrezinotekhnika 2017
Russian tyre market
Methanol & Ammonia
Russian methanol market 2017
Skorovodino methanol project
Nakhodka fertiliser & methanol project
Togliattiazot 2016
Fosagro new ammonia and urea plants
Organic chemicals
Russian butanol exports, Jan-Mar 2017
Russian butanol sales, Jan-Mar 2017
Ural Plant of Plasticizers faces possible closure
Russian phthalic anhydride market
Other products
Kaustik Volgograd 2016
Khimprom Novocheboksarsk 2016
Russian caustic soda market 2016
Nefis Cosmetics 2016
Calcium hypochloritie project-Novocheboksarsk
Bashkir Soda 2016
Polyplastik 2016
Polyplastik Contracts & Targets
Polymir, Jan-Mar 2017
Belarussian polymer & chemical trade, Jan-Feb 2017
Ukrainian polyethylene imports
Ukrainian PVC imports
Ukrainian polypropylene market rise
Ukrainian benzene exports
Karpatneftekhim preparing to launch production of the end of May
Ukrainian chemical imports, Jan-Feb 2017
Central Asia/Caucasus
Kazakh polymer imports, Jan-Feb 2017
Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex expansion
Atyrau gas & chemical complex
Azerbaijan chemical production, Jan-Mar 2017
Azerbaijan-ethylene, propylene and polyolefin projects

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